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“Time” – Illustration Friday



This is my quick illustration I made today for the Illustration Friday blog. The theme for this week is “Time”. My inspiration for this drawing is a quote by Dr. Seuss, “How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon”.

This quote resonated with me today as I worked from home and couldn’t get over how dark it was; at 3 pm it felt like 6 pm. On days like this I truly do wish I had a sunshine window covering to help me forget that time is passing.

I also tried a new effect of cutting and pasting a drawing over a drawing and embroidery. I haven’t decided if I like it, but hey, sometimes it’s good to experiment a little.


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The Postcard Show

DonutSnorkler_WEB ToastPainter2013_WEB WaffleMattress2013_WEB

This is a series of postcards I finished this week for The Postcard Show: Volume 3 at Hot Art Wet City Gallery running this Nov.14-16th.

Since I’m really enjoying the combination of embroidery, fabric and drawing, I decided to use these materials once more. I also had a revelation last week that most of my drawings seem to be about animals or food. Rather than fighting this impulse, I’ve decided to RUN with it.

So the subject of this postcard series is FOOD. And specifically, some of my favourite WHEAT products: waffles, sprinkle donuts, and toast with jam. Fortunately, even those of you who have to abstain from wheat can happily indulge in these drawings. They are gluten-free, I promise.

The intention of the Postcard Show is to create “a narrative through accessible and affordable art” And how it works is, “each postcard is made available to the public through a silent auction with an affordable minimum bid and a buyout bid in order to entice the audience to get involved in the business of art collecting” (copied from the website). All of the art in this auction will be original works of art. And if you are free for the final night of bidding, I would definitely recommend you get in on the action! The finale is on Nov.16th from 7pm-midnight.


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Chinatown Night Market


This coming weekend August 16/17th and also Aug. 30/31st I’ll be selling some art prints, originals, books and postcards in the Chinatown Night Market. I’ve been looking forward to participating in this market all summer, as my studio space is right in the heart of Chinatown. This year they’ve brought in some “new flavours” to the traditional market, by inviting local artists, galleries and backyard businesses to be a part of the event. And THIS Friday there is going to be a “Dumpling Derby and Cook Off”, which I am quite excited about.

The work above was completed today in anticipation of this upcoming event. It’s a fairly simple illustration, but I wanted to create a piece that acknowledged the context of the market. Plus, I’ve always loved Chinese lanterns, and it was fun to experiment with the combination of embroidery and drawing once again.

If you do have some free time this weekend, come visit! The market runs from 6-10pm and I’ll be sharing a space with Eglantine Shines and China Cloud Gallery, who are selling some wonderful handmade treasures.

Hope to see you there.

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New Buttonman Series

buttonmen hulabuttonman

I started this series a couple years ago and titled it “Dates with Mr.Buttonman”. He is an embroidered stick-man with a button head (obviously). The first series showed him in various funny situations throughout the calendar year. The illustrations were then compiled into a 2012 calendar and sold at a local stationary store and also online. Check out my website if you’re curious.

The above illustration features Mr.Buttonman on his yearly vacation. I have yet to embroider a pina colada in his “hand”. These new images will be reproduced as individual greeting cards and some postcard books. I’ll be selling the books, along with originals, as a guest artist at the China Cloud Gallery booth in the Chinatown Night Market one weekend August. Stay tuned for more information.

If you haven’t been to the market yet, it’s a great event to visit on a summer weekend. They’ve changed it this year, by bringing in some new vendors alongside the traditional booths.  It runs every weekend from Friday-Sunday night.



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Little Red Hen


I’m experimenting with a new artistic style, a combination of embroidery and drawing. The title of this piece is, “Don’t Mess with Little Red”. It’s based on my favourite children’s story The Little Red Hen. The moral of the story is basically, “he who does not work, does not eat”. If you aren’t familiar with it there are many variations online. I’ve decided to portray the moment when the hen has finished baking her loaf of bread after a long day of work. She stands on top of it with determination and confidence. Trust me, you would not want to pick a fight with this chicken!