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How is your book coming along?

It’s now been a year since I announced my children’s book contract with Simply Read Books on here, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the book. Rather than answering all of these questions over and over again I decided to write a blog post. I haven’t written a blog in 6 months and it’s about time!

Question #1: How is the book going?

Answer: It’s going slow but I’m still very excited about it. There are a number of reasons for the slowness, the main one being that the first portion of the advance payment took much longer than expected to come through. On our last visit to Canada I was able to meet with the publisher face to face and discuss how to move forward.  I’ve now received payment and we have re-set the publication date for 2018, rather than 2017. It’s a year later than what we originally said, but everything is sorted out now and I think it will be worth the wait.

The story has also gone through many revisions, and this has slowed down the picture-making process. I am now working on a storyboard for a 4th version, which will probably still need changes and from there I will move onto final colour sketches, which will also still need changes. So safe to say, it may still be a while until I get to stitching the final art.

Question #2: When and where will you be able to buy the book?

Answer: The book will be distributed in all English speaking countries and available online on Amazon. As to when, I wish I could say this coming Fall, but realistically it won’t be until next Spring at the earliest. It may even be next Fall 2018. I realize this is a long time to wait, but I promise, it will be worth it! I will announce the release date on here when it gets close to that time.

Question #3: Is the book going to be made of fabric?

Answer: No, it will be a regular 32 page children’s picture book.  The illustrations will be embroidered and then photographed for print.  We are, however, discussing ways to have at least a little real stitching in the final books, but I won’t say a lot about that (though it’s going to be AWESOME).

Thanks to everyone who has been asking about the book and who cares. It has been such an encouragement to know that you are excited about this project with me. I will try to get better with posting more updates on here, so that you can be more a part of this journey. When this book finally does come out, there will be a big celebration!