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Attention Book and Art Lovers


I know what you’re thinking.

ANOTHER art collective?! And I would agree with you, that yes, there are already many art collectives in Vancouver. But THIS art collective is unique because we are also a [drum roll] book club!

The original concept of Open Book comes from the brains of Katrina Stock. She’s a fellow lover of literature and had a dream to gather artists together, over a good book, to exchange ideas, art and criticism. Finally this January, the idea materialized and a collective was formed.

The Open Book Art Collective ( consists of a six visual artists all based in Vancouver. Every half year we choose an interesting book and from there meet, discuss, create and eventually put on a show, where we open up the conversation to the public.

On October 5th we are inviting you (and all your acquaintances) to our first show, based on the novel, The Death of a Beekeeper by Swedish author, Lars Gustaffson. It’s not a mystery novel, though I know the title makes it sound that way. To get some background on it click here.

And if you need one more reason to come:  there will be free food and refreshments on us!

Hope you see you there,



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This is September


This is a photo and sketch collage reflecting on the end of summer and arrival of SEPTEMBER. Polka-dots. Leaves. Biking. Trees. Roads. Sunshine. Dresses. I can’t believe it’s September already! Apparently, we are due for an early fall in Vancouver this year because of all the sunshine we had in the summer. The leaves are falling by our apartment on 8th Avenue, and I’ve been experiencing that old-familiar itch to return to school.

I took this photo in Kelowna, BC. For myself, the image of the open road will always stand for adventure, travel and uncertainty. What’s around that corner? Is this the best way to go? I find these questions spring up every September, and again it’s happening this year, in 2013.

Although, there are many institutionalized aspects of school that I detest, the environment of studying will always thrill me. For those of you going back to school, I applaud you! You are doing a courageous thing. Enjoy the uncertainty, the planning, the dreaming, the unrealistic expectations of this month. When November hits you’re going to question why you ever went back, but for now, it’s September 🙂

Thanks for reading:)