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Blue Skies


This is a by-product of photoshop and some digital photos I took this past week. Landscapes will never get old for me, especially when there’s blue sky  as a back drop. I could hardly contain myself on this road trip to Saskatchewan. It’s been a long time since I’ve simply stared at nature for hours at a time. Of course, no replica can contain all the glory of the original and that is why I chose to have the text interrupt and block some of the imagery.

Recent Blog Posts

New Buttonman Series

buttonmen hulabuttonman

I started this series a couple years ago and titled it “Dates with Mr.Buttonman”. He is an embroidered stick-man with a button head (obviously). The first series showed him in various funny situations throughout the calendar year. The illustrations were then compiled into a 2012 calendar and sold at a local stationary store and also online. Check out my website if you’re curious.

The above illustration features Mr.Buttonman on his yearly vacation. I have yet to embroider a pina colada in his “hand”. These new images will be reproduced as individual greeting cards and some postcard books. I’ll be selling the books, along with originals, as a guest artist at the China Cloud Gallery booth in the Chinatown Night Market one weekend August. Stay tuned for more information.

If you haven’t been to the market yet, it’s a great event to visit on a summer weekend. They’ve changed it this year, by bringing in some new vendors alongside the traditional booths.  It runs every weekend from Friday-Sunday night.