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Final IronClad Art Submission


This design I made for the Vancouver Ironclad Art competition has been chosen for the final exhibition. It’s based on a photo I took in Chinatown near my studio, on a typical rainy Vancouver day.

The idea behind the competition was to use public art to decorate the sewer manhole covers in Vancouver and to distinguish between the storm and sanitary sewers. However, I submitted this design as a possibility for both sewer systems. It will be on display, along with the other submissions, at the Interurban Gallery on East Hastings from May 28th- June 8th. Winners and Honorable Mentions will be announced on June 10th. If you would like to vote for my design for the People’s Choice Award click on this link: 

I was incredibly busy the week I submitted the design, and would have loved to spend more time on it. So, it’s a pleasant surprise that it was still chosen to be in the exhibition. There were many wonderful designs, and I would encourage you to look through them and vote for others as well.

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10 minute sketch of the cardboard boy


So I’ve been told that this story isn’t as funny on paper as it was in person. But, I have to draw something about it anyway.

Two evenings ago my husband and I were sitting at our kitchen table eating dinner, when we saw through the window a young boy come bolting down the sidewalk with a cardboard box on his head. I have no idea where he came from, or where he was going (hopefully he knew where he was going!), but it looked hilarious and made my day.

Maybe he was merely on a casual run on a sunny day and the cardboard box served as his hat to protect him from the heat? Let’s hope this is the case.

I’ve decided to make a 10 minute sketch in his honor, in the hopes that someone else might find this as funny as I did 🙂


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Little Red Hen


I’m experimenting with a new artistic style, a combination of embroidery and drawing. The title of this piece is, “Don’t Mess with Little Red”. It’s based on my favourite children’s story The Little Red Hen. The moral of the story is basically, “he who does not work, does not eat”. If you aren’t familiar with it there are many variations online. I’ve decided to portray the moment when the hen has finished baking her loaf of bread after a long day of work. She stands on top of it with determination and confidence. Trust me, you would not want to pick a fight with this chicken!