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Flying Penguin III


In this week’s sketch of “flying penguin”, we find our penguin posed elegantly up high in the sky.

Wait a minute. What’s that long neck below him?




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Flying Penguin II


Here is the color version of the flying penguin. I have to admit, this character is growing on me. I might need to make a series of illustrations with penguins trying to fly until I get it out of my system 🙂

I’m also gonna throw this up on Illustration Friday too, since their theme this week is “wild”. And this penguin is definitely WILD.

Have a BEEautiful day, and thanks for checking out my blog.

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Flying Penguin II


The flying penguin has returned, and he’s beeing especially daring this time. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the punny opportunity) The color version will be up tomorrow!

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Manhole Cover Design Sketch


I’m planning on submitting two designs to the “Ironclad Art” competition for the manhole covers in Vancouver. The challenge is to make a design that will “identify and uniquely distinguish sanitary from storm sewer manhole covers”. I’m still deciding which two to submit, but at least I’ve got it narrowed down to these three! If you have any feedback on which one you like the best, send me an email!