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Happy Easter


This week I pulled out my paint and made some art for Easter. The goal of this painting was to reflect the contrast between the cultural Easter with colorful eggs, chocolate and bunnies, and the Christian Easter of blood, death and resurrection. I’ve always wondered how the Easter Bunny and Christ got woven into the same holiday. The one theme that I see in both traditions, is the theme of “life”. Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection from death into life;  bunnies are symbols of fertility, which is the potential for life; and eggs are the start of life. So, I chose to use the “Easter egg” to (hopefully) make this connection visually.

It was an interesting exploration. And I’m sure, there’s lots more that could be interpreted from it, but I’ll leave that up to you 🙂




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Bailey Drawing 2013

So, this project was something different for me. I’ve made a lot of people portraits, but not so many animals. The drawing was completed a few weeks ago for some friends who recently said “good-bye” to their long-time companion, Bailey.  I’ve been told that he was the best family dog ever and loved to visit the lake that is drawn in the background. He lived from Sept 1999 – Jan 2nd 2013 and will be dearly missed by his family. Much love and comfort to you all!

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‘Talent’ Final

&copy Joelle Gebhardt 2013
Copyright Joelle Gebhardt 2013

This is the final version for Illustration Friday.  For those of you who are wondering, Illustration Friday is an open blog that has a new theme every week. The theme for this week is ‘talent’. Any artist who has a blog can make an illustration based on the theme and then post on the wall. I like to participate once in a while because it helps to get ideas flowing when I’m feeling stuck for inspiration.

And just to clarify, there is no such place as the ‘School of Talentology’. (At least, I don’t think there is!) I made it up for the purpose of the project. Sorry to dash your hopes if you wanted to enroll.