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Sunday Comic


This week, the theme on Illustration Friday is ‘ocean’. And since it is Sunday today, I’ve decided to share this old ‘Sunday Comic’ project from my last semester in April 2012, at Emily Carr University. ( Yes, you can study COMICS in University. Who would have thought?!). The goal of the project was to mimic the layout of a Sunday comics page in the newspaper. If my memory serves correctly, it was completed in the wee hours of the morning before it was due. As you can tell, at 3 am you start to get really imaginative!

I had toast for breakfast the next morning in honor of my completed project.


Recent Blog Posts

Happy New Year!


I’m beginning 2013 with a new blog and a “new” illustration. I was going to post this one on Illustration Friday, but I finished it this morning and missed their cut off.  Every week they post a new theme and the most recent one was “new”, very appropriately.

This illustration was inspired by the feeling that I am currently living in “The Vintage Revolution”. Do you feel that way, or is it just me? There seems to be a widespread fascination with photos, furniture, cards, toys, clothing that are old, antique and I’m sorry but I hate this word, shabby looking. I’m seeing that there is a renewed sense of value for objects from the past, and a lot of people are cashing in on it.

In my opinion, this is a real-time example of that old proverb, “there is nothing new under the sun”. The new got old, but now the old is new again.

I have to admit, I’ve been sucked into the vortex of vintage too.  I love Instagram because it reminds me of old family albums. And I love vintage children’s book illustrations because I’m amazed at the time and skill that went into every detail. I’m also a HUGE fan of the tales of grannies and grandpas from the ‘good ol’ days’.

Yet still, there is a part of me that looks at this whole revolution with a bit of cynicism and humor. I can’t help but wonder:  one day, after I die, will someone dig up my old pillowcase, make it into a shirt and sell it online for $100? I hope not!